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Lynnfield Recreation Participant Code of Conduct

Lynnfield Recreation participants are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times. In order to provide all participants and staff with a camp experience that is safe and enjoyable, the following guidelines have been developed. A caring and positive approach will be taken regarding discipline. LRC staff will reinforce appropriate behavior through positive reinforcement, firm statements and redirection of activity. All campers must understand and follow the guidelines set forth. Please review these guidelines with your child.
  • Stay safe while having fun.
  • Always follow directions of Lynnfield Recreation Staff.
  • Be safe! All children must be with their counselor, activity group or "buddy" at all times.
  • Talk in a pleasant manner. Foul language, putdowns and bullying will not be accepted.
  • Treat all equipment and supplies with proper care and respect.
  • Aggressive behavior that is threatening to the child, staff or others will not be permitted.
  • Respect other children at all times (this includes not hitting, throwing things, or verbally abusing others)
  • Need to check in and check out every day.
  • Inappropriate use of smart phones, cameras, imaging or digital devices is prohibited.
Step I    Child will be reminded of all the rules and guidelines again (written documentation will be provided to the office)
Step 2   Verbal warning (written documentation will be provided to the office)
Step 3   After warning the child, if behavior or action persists, the child will not participate in that given activity and/or will need to sit out with staff member. Parents will be notified (written documentation will be provided to the office)
Step 4   Written warning will be given to Parent if a child persists in unacceptable behavior. The Recreation Coordinator or Lead Counselor will speak to the parent/guardian. The parent/guardian will be required to sign the written warning and will be required to pick the child up from the program.
Step 5   If the behavior or action continues when they return the Administrative Staff has the right to dismiss the child from the program with a pro-rated refund.